Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day 1970 and beyond.

I remember the first Earth Day celebrated here in America. I watched the gatherers for the environment on television which were held on the White House Mall and sites around the country. We all wanted to participate in some way.

I was a high school sophomore and when I think back I am so proud of our school. I don't know whose idea it was but the plan was to have the military bring their vehicles from nearby Ft Campbell and take student to collect trash and treasures placed on the street and taken to the landfills. It was a great day. A friend and I worked our behinds off jumping off the truck tossing in bags while our cute soldier drove us around. My city was buzzing with the activity of all the military trucks and energetic students. I forget the statistics from that day. How many truck were filled etc... but I know we were very proud of ourselves. This day as I look back was not exactly what Senator Gaylord Nelson had in mind when he founded Earth Day. But what it did for me is to remind me every year of what I did in my own little way to help our world. I have never worked that hard on Earth Day since, but this year, in light of all we know, I think I will sleep on it tonight and decide on a plan for Earth Day 2009.

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