Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank you, mother nature, for color.

I love color. I can guess what your thinking, everyone does. But I think that color-love happens in varying degrees with people. That is probably why some wear very flamboyant colors and yes, I know they probably like attention too. But think of how people choose art. Some like bright and vibrant, some muted pastels and some of course a mixture of both. The point I am making is that I might choose a nice painting for my home that is softly shaded, but my eye undoubtedly was stuck on the vivid colored canvas hanging down the way.

I have heard that your eye is not a good judge to remember color shades. I mean, for example, say you are trying to match the shade of blue on your sofa with a few yards of fabric to make accessories but you have forgotten to bring a swatch. Can you match that shade? I am not totally lost at matching by memory but I had a friend that was right on almost every time. She would say, "Oh I have a sweater that exactly matches your skirt." And she would!

When asked what my favorite color is I always say either pink or purple. But the truth is I would have to go into a bit more detail because every color is beautiful in the right place.
So with that said, today for my first blog post, I celebrate , mother natures great gift, wonderful, exciting color.

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Marisa said...

I love it! I love color just wouldn't know it by looking in my closet. lol. I like the picture you did of Ansley. :D I love that dog. :)