Thursday, May 14, 2009

time in Maryland and then back home.

I had a great time with my daughter in Maryland, but it is so good to be home. I can continue working on my little (and big) projects and that makes me happy! I was also thrilled to be able to see my little granddaughter Ayla and my poodle, Pootie. My daughter decided to give pootie a Mohawk which really steamed me,(I work so hard on styling him) but I cooled off and decided to make him look fabulous again by perking up what my daughter did.

I forgot to send in my electric bill before I left. It was still sitting on my desk with the stamp and everything. So when I walked in after a long drive of 12 hours, my house was muggy, dark and without water. (they cut it all off) So I spent the night with a window open in my room to let that slightly humid Florida air in. It wasn't too bad since it wasn't a hot night.
The next morning, I called immediately to have it turned on. I did some errands and came home to find it still not on. Eventually it was on and I felt so relieved. My life was back. I have an aquarium and I am concerned about my little fishes getting ick. Otherwise all is well.

While in Maryland, Marisa took me to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. Check out their site. This is a great museum for

anyone and especially those interested in what someone can do with a great imagination and a creative mind. Most, if not all of the art pieces were done by self- taught artists. It made me want to run home and get busy. Just driving up to the building was exciting because of all the beautiful artwork arranged around the outside. Camera's were not allowed inside but I've added a few pic's of the beauties located on the outside.

We also spent a day in D.C. I wanted to catch a glimpse of our new President, knowing it would be unlikely. And no, it didn't happen but we were told that he was in the west wing and about to meet with the Presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan. A few people drifted out of the doors of the West Wing and made their way to the outside of the gate. She had obviously just met President Obama and excitedly spouted some expletives that I can't say here. I had to smile because she was so happy.

Now that I am back and working on my little art/craft items, hopefully I will be able to post some pics of those soon.
Until then...

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Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Twin Girl!

What a wonderful trip you had! It IS nice to get back home though. So sorry your arrival back home was a bit "sticky". I think it's all the wisdom crowding our brains that makes us forget simple things like mailing a bill! Stop by and see my ongoing trip if you have a chance, my post is Alabama right now.

Big hugs, Sherry

PS YOU're the prettiest!!